Simone a Soif ! answers your questions

Dessin Pomme Géranium

Simone a Soif ! answers your questions

Dessin Pomme Géranium

Are the bottles returnable?

Our glass bottle is not consigned because as a small producer it is logistically and ecologically untenable to collect and wash the bottles. It would take political will to stimulate the use of identical returnable bottles (like Germany). Fortunately, in Belgium 98% of the glass is recycled.

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Are your drinks free from health risks?

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Our drinks are produced in a workshop that meets strict hygiene standards defined by the health authorities. They are pasteurized at 79 degrees which ensures their microbiological stability. We frequently carry out tests with approved laboratories.

Their best before date (expiry date) is 18 months after production in a temperate place and away from exposure to the sun. Once opened, our bottles should be kept in the fridge and consumed within 3-4 days.

What is a hydrosol, is it not dangerous?

Known since Ancient Egypt, it is also called “vegetable distillate”. Hydrosol is obtained by distilling a plant, a flower, a bark with steam. During this same distillation, we also obtain the essential oil which we do not use in our fruity waters. There is no trace of alcohol in this distillation. We will speak of floral water when a flower is distilled in this way (for example, rose water is floral water or a hydrosol).

The vapor carries the aromatic molecules into the still. This vapor cools and becomes liquid again, separating from the essential oil. The essential oil floats on top of this hydrosol.

If essential oils must be handled with care, hydrosols are completely harmless. Rather, they act on an energy level, much like homeopathy. This does not detract from their virtues which are only beginning to be discovered.

Where do the ingredients come from?

Fruits and vegetables come from Belgium, Holland or Germany depending on availability. The hydrosols come from France because there is not enough production in Belgium.

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