Who are we ?

Dessin Poire Immortelle
Photo de profil d'Alexandre ven der Vaeren


Alexandre left a major soft drink company with the ambition to make « Simone A Soif » a reference in healthy drinks in Belgium and beyond! He organizes the production and makes sure « Simone A Soif! » is available near you.

Photo de profil d'Agnès Bonfond


Agnès is the project initiator. After many managerial experiences, notably in mass retail, she creates the recipes and she also manages the overall strategy of the company.

Photo de profil d'Antoine de Menten


As a dreamer, a true foodie, a gourmet and a nature lover, Antoine is lying in wait for an opportunity to communicate on the most refreshing drink of the continent!

Simone et sa boisson santé

Do your internship at Simone a soif !?

You are a student or recent graduate looking for a great internship ? We regularly look for interns and students to help us.

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Our promises

No additives

We add nothing. Strictly NOTHING!… No sugar, no sweetener, and certainly no preservatives, no colour additives and no aromas, not even those that call themselves “natural”. Definitely not!


Yes, we are the craftmen & woman behind Simone. Every production is tasted and adapted to obtain the perfect balance of flavors. It’s so much better when you know where it comes from, right?


You won’t find any added sugars (don’t look for artificial sweeteners or stevia either), only sugar naturally present in the fruit. The result is surprising, a whole new drink: fresh, subtle with a natural low sugar level of less than 20kcal/100ml.


All our ingredients are certified organic and we produce as much as possible with local and seasonal fruits. We are big partisans of clean label, don’t look for strange ingredients in our drinks.

Simone et son logo fruits, plates et eau
boisson cerise houblon posée sur un banc accompagnée d'une tranche de pain
Dessin Cerise Houblon

Real fruits, real plants, crafted with love

Once upon a time…

Simone a Soif ! the most honest lemonade
Agnès à Bruxelles entrain de boire une Simone goût cerise
boisson au concombre
boisson Ă  la rhubarbe

She found inspiration from a French herbalist. After that, she created a delicious mix of water, plants and juice made of fresh fruits and vegetables.

But which name should be given to that creative mix that’s natural, delicious and low-sugared?

The name came as an evidence when Agnès invited Simone, her farmer neighbor to taste that new recipe. Agnès saw her going out her old Citroën car, stunning although she was 80. Agnès saw in her everything she wanted to represent in her beverage: delicious, with a quirky spirit and without artifice. Simone drank the glass Agnès gave her. Even before Agnès had the time to explain what is inside the beverage, Simone asked another drink. Simone was born, and Simone was thirsty !

boisson Ă  la rhubarbe

Like many other projects, « Simone A Soif ! » started because of a growing frustration. Why was it impossible to find a delicious, low-sugared and natural beverage, in a world where everything seems to be already created? You will say, « well, it already exists » :

  • Mineral water : not very funky… 
  • Fruit juice : 100% natural, but unfortunately not every time… And it’s also full of sugar! (10 to 12g / 100ml). 
  • Beverages with stevia : 100% natural? you’re kidding me… 

Distraught by so much frustration to find that kind of beverage that should be part of our everyday life for a long time, Agnès decided to get to work and create an brand new recipe.

Simone a Soif ! the most honest lemonade