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What does it mean to be Simone a Soif ambassador! ?

By leaving us your contact details, you share your enthusiasm for a local and artisanal brand and thus contribute to a more resilient world.

Concretely, it’s simple: talk about Simone a Soif! around you to your friends, restaurateurs, influencers, your company, people who organize a party, a professional event or a wedding. And also share what you see from Simone a Soif !, owl or less owl: an empty shelf? A beautiful presentation? An unusual place?

And for all this, in addition to our eternal recognition and like Pierre Rhabi’s hummingbird, ‘doing your part’ for a better world, you will be proud to help a brand you adore, will be kept abreast of developments of our start-up and its new products and on certain occasions you will receive drinks, invitations to events or exclusive gifts

After leaving us your contact details, we will send you an email with more information and the link to join the whatsapp group of ambassadors.

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